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M-H - SAE by Cookiebags M-H - SAE by Cookiebags

I n f o r m a t i o n:

Name: Joong, Sae
Age: 18
Year: 3rd
Birthday: March 24th
Height: 172.7 cm cm/5'8''
Sexual Orientation: Hetero/ Straight 
Status: Single forever
Gender: Male
Residence: Home
Club: Tea Ceremony [President]

Personality traits:

Indifferent | Calm | Reserved | Bold | Blunt | "Apathetic" | Loyal | Thoughtful | Kind | Selfless | Strong-willed | Pacifist
-- Sae is indifferent about everything. His response when someone asks his opinion will always most likely be --It's ok--She/He's ok--That's ok-- or he just shrugs. He is extremely vague when it comes to explaining how he feels and always maintains a bored, serious or straight faced expression. Even though he has a lot on his mind, he keeps it to himself mainly because he doesn't really want people to know every little thing about him. He is somewhat apathetic towards many things, and doesn't really bother himself with issues and serious problems. Sae doesn't say much, or likes to do much, unless he feels as though it is absolutely necessary. Due to his indifferent attitude towards every single thing, Sae can be a person who is very hard to talk to at first. But despite his silent nature, he actually likes to be somewhat social and is friendly even if he comes off as cold and uncaring. He is a selfless person who gives and won't hesitate to speak his mind and come forward with his feelings, because he is also blunt and bold.

+L i k e s and -d i s l i k e s:

+ Tea
+ All sports
+ Short girls
+ Drama shows
+ Sneakers
+ Snap back caps //Not the plain ones--he loves patterns. especially if it's a pattern using fruit or animal print.
+ Grapefruit and Tangelos //Fruits in general-- mainly citrus.
+ Dancing
+ Palm Trees
+ California 
+ Bubblegum //He always has some and is always chewing it
+ Video Games
+ Stickers
+ Items with an animal print, or items with a pattern using fruit/food.
+ Staying home and cuddling in his sheets //Daydreaming

- Basic, predictable girls [[ Too Normal ]]
- Being alone all the time
- Running out of fruits to eat
- Talking too much
- Pushy people

H i s t o r y:

-- Sae was born to a young woman and her lover; a famous and well-known K-pop singer who didn't hesitate to leave his career when he found out he would be a father. He was born in Japan to the South Korean couple, who were in the country at the time simply because they decided to go on vacation to Tokyo Disneyland, celebrating their 5th anniversary together. The timing of Sae's birth couldn't be any more random, seeing how his mother almost gave birth to him right in the middle of the amusement park. They decided to stay in Japan for a "new experience" and a change of scenery, thinking that maybe Sae would like it better there anyway. Growing up, Sae was always known to be a quiet child. He stayed to himself, maybe had a few friends here and there, and when girls started to get clingy as he got older, he held in what he thought/felt even more because he knew how brutally honest he was and actually cared for the feelings of others. It wasn't until he was 10 did he get a sibling. He welcomed his little sister and was actually protective of her. Sae would often use her as an excuse to escape many of his friends who wanted to hang out after school. When he got a little older around age 13, he started to care a little less after being in a couple relationships and having weird friendships. He wanted to understand what it was like to have feelings for someone, but the relationships he got into were with basic, predictable and somewhat mean girls; it never really lasted too long, and he didn't enjoy being affectionate with them after awhile. Tired of being around people in general, Sae often stayed inside, either watching his baby sister, doing homework, or playing video games and drinking tea with his mother until it was time to sleep. He would spend lots of his free time with family, watching soap operas with his mother or playing instruments with his father. When it was finally time to go to high school, Sae had some resentment towards the new experience. Those high school dramas he watched made him assume things about high school right off the bat; but Sae wanted an education so he ended up going anyway.

R e l a t i o n s h i p s:

-- Aokagi, Minami --> [ Friendly Friends ]  "She's sweet--and talks a lot . .I like her smile. ." 

Minami, Sae --> [ Acquaintance ] "She eats a lot . .. ." 

-- Nakamura, Jin --> [ Acquaintance--] "He told me he had money . . .but he didn't really have money . . . . .what a liar . .--He still okay, I guess"

-- Kurokawa, Myuji --> [ Acquaintance ]" . . .He's really weird . ." 

-- Mamoru, Fujii --> [ Acquaintance ] " . . .He gave me gum, so I guess he's okay . ."

A d d i t i o n a l I n f o r m a t i o n:

-- He really likes fruits . ..
-- Often wears varsity jackets 24/7 when he's not in school--yes even when sleeping.
-- Thinks about girls a lot. 
-- Always texting, playing a game or chewing gum.
-- He plays "Tetris" most of the time--always
-- After learning about his father's K-pop career, Sae often thinks that he ruined his father's life despite his father insisting that he was jubilant about Sae's birth.
-- His younger sister's name is Sung-ki
-- Sae speaks fluent English, Japanese and Korean
-- Likes to talk just not in depth
-- It takes a lot for him to really trust someone
-- He loves Winnie the Pooh-- it's just. whoa.
-- Pervert
-- He's pretty rich.
-- more t.b.a

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